Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bully List

Here post a comment with a scammer's either jammer name or username or better both. Then I will post them on this list. And post what scam they did. Mad words count as scams. I am changing this list to bully list since they are diffrent.

  Jammer Name           Username       Bully Method

- Major MajorMajor   NiceForever   Said he had membership or lion code.
- Fuzzy CottonCloud   peacenlove379  Acessory to Major MajorMajor scam
-Creature IcyGhost     whitewolf03    Bad words Tryed to say swears Does not have free chat
-Sparkle SpiritClaw     vickey123      Really mean
-Daredevil Zanystone  waR9              Lion Code Scam
-Sir SmartyPenguin     josh52214      Lier
-Little FrozenMoon     horselips         Bully
-Flora PoshWolf          madgirl1123   Bully
-Countess ShiverBug  unocisco m     Bully laughed at me
-Enchanted Spirit  dontLOOKintoTHEdark Did the 'If I accept your trade' Scam (See New Scam)
-Sparkle ArticPenguin ducky7509     Lion Code Scam      
-Little HappyFriend     tweetie214     Sad mean things
-Fabulous SmartyMaster prettygirl902  Scammed
-Expert QuietMaster    boompow      Scammer people out of their stuff


  1. I'll look them up to report em'!

  2. So will I add kaykaylak1234 on the bully list for scamming,well you don't have to but please!

  3. how do you get those tabs up to go to pleces on your blog?

  4. hey add derpyhooves15 she is a jerk