Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scammer Help

Annonymus Scammers this is for you:

   Some people scam because they are bored. Some people do it because they want stuff.  If you are bored go to Jamaa Township and say 'Who wants to be my friend??' Surprisingly a lot of people will answer. Not that I am a scammer though.
   Some people scam because they like to get stuff. Play games instead. Please leave some comments on some games that get you a lot of money.
   Some people scam because they do not like to see people happy. They like to see people be sad. Scammer put your digital paws inside the scammee paws. Do they like it?
   Please help scammers. I have helped a scammer before. They were very nice and gave my stuff back.


  1. falling phantoms got me a LOT of gems if I try like ten times I already got 1,000 or over gems

  2. WHOA. Alot more gems than my daily income on AJ!