Sunday, February 19, 2012

I think I am at a Scammer's Den

There was a guy that was saying 'Free Membership at my den'.I went to his den. Now I am hiding. The I think scammer is here. He is telling people to look like him. It is red scary eyes and white body as wolf. Someone traded me. I might be caught. Blue chests do not noramally trade. I'm thinking, 'If you are a not member how can you be giving away free membership.' One of the wolves just saw me. I wish they did not. Why would they catch me if I am trying to see if it scam? I am trying to help them. He is telling us how to get the membership. Everyone is dresses like him. I have the scammers tag up in my screen. I will add him to the scammers list if he does scam. He told us to go to Coral Canyons and break the bridge. They are all jumping. I am too. Eagles are flying. There is not even a lot of people. Someone just asked if they were sure this was how to get one. I do not think yet this is a scam. He has not asked for stuff. Maybe it is just a trick. But then why would he make them look like him? He says and this is a quote "I did not break it my friend did. They showed me what they got. Pick whatever rare you want for 4 month membership" That is exactly what he said. I think his friend was lying. I think this is just all rumors. I stopped jumping. This is a lie.

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