Saturday, November 24, 2012


An Animal Jam Guide is a special Animal employed by AJHQ to help all Jammers in Jamaa to have a good time, be safe and answer their questions.
You will know a guide because they will have an emblem on their name badge with an "AJ" on it.
Guides are not in the game very often since they have lots of other jobs to do along with being a guide.

Here is an example of a Guide:

Friday, November 23, 2012

How to get Pumas/Snow Leopards

UPDATED: The wristbands are a rumor and Animal Jam has replied to Snowyclaw's message saying that you can't get a snow leopard with the wristbands

"u buy the set of 5 wristbands from the animal jam outfiters shop :)" - Anoymous
One of them claims she received her Puma when she purchased the Animal Jam Wristbands. - Snowyclaw
"And, i saw another one today, she said she got it from the bracelets. She claims that it comes with a code" -tracyisawesome
you get it with the rist bands to .... one girl has one she got hers from a rist band and i have one look up amy3141 thats me ... the ones in outfiters"  - PiscesChykkie

These awesome Snow Leopard Gift Cards are now available at selected Target stores in the United States!" - Animal Jam Blog

Puma Moves:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Monday, November 19, 2012

Animal Jam Holidays

Friendship Festival (Click on the titles to see images!)

In February, Jamaa celebrates feelings of appreciation and friendship they have for one another. They give gifts, send Jam-A-Grams, and participate in friendship events to show how much their friends mean to them!

Lucky Day

In March, Jammers celebrate Lucky Day! Lucky things happen on this day! Animals take time to recognize all of the lucky things in their lives, and realize that things aren't as bad as they might seem. Animals parade around Jamaa and celebrate with friends!

Freedom Day

Freedom Day comes every July! Animals decorate their dens and dress in red, white, and blue! Jammers throw parties and you might even see some fireworks!

Night of the Phantoms

At the end of October, phantoms show up everywhere! They try to make chaos and destruction around Jamaa. So every year all the animals in Jamaa dress up in silly/scary costumes to try and trick the phantoms and prevent them from doing their dark deeds!

Feast of Thanks

Every November in Jamaa, we like to celebrate what we're thankful for! It's a great time of year to stop and think about everything we have and how lucky we are to have it!


The Jamaalidays are celebrations at the arrival of the winter months, to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. Animals catch the spirit of giving and give gifts to each other! It's the time for decorations, snow, lights, and lots of festivities!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Item!

Here are is the new item today:

That's all the items new today!


Top Epic Dens!

Here they are:


3. pup78563

That's all today!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Animal!

As many of you may as heard, there is a new animal for both NON MEMBERS and MEMBERS!
The turtle

So, be sure to get a turtle today!


Top 3 Epic Dens

Here they are:
2. Palmar
3. avatar899
That's it! Also, this den is a little empty, so ya. Well,


New Items

Hey, Jammers!
I found some new items on Animal Jam when I woke up this morning.
Here they are:
Oh, and I just started being an author so be sure to add me, I am gdrees! And, also, my little brother, he is crazymonkeyman55. Be sure to add him, too. He doesn't go on as often as I do. HAPPY JAMMING!