Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nicest Jammer!!

This is the nicest Jammer I have met. Her username is HalloweenChick.

She gave me out of the random (well while I was playing the claw) Jammaliday Lights!
I know this is not a big deal but ME out of all those people! And these lights are (I think) not on sale anymore like the rest of the Christmas collection. Sad but true, EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS IS GONE!

If you want to be Nicest Jammer then you have to be nice to everyone. On AJ, my blog, and in real life! Plus you MUST send random gifts to me and other people! I do not chose Jammers that are only my buddies, but I took this picture after I buddied her.

AJ Truth!


  1. I will send you something but i don't have anything good for sending so can i send youmy christmas stuff im sorry :(

  2. aww thats very sweet of you to give her your christmas stuff ayan!