Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Win Something Awesome To Do!

 Hey Jammers! Wednesday, August 22 at 2:00 PM EST, we will be preforming a few scenes from Shake It Up: Made in Japan.

The scene when Rocky and CeCe fight is in the Pillow Room.

The 'Made in Japan' scene is going to be in my den. After 3-5 minutes after the fight we will go to my den and sing 'Made in Japan'. TICKETS SOLD OUT, SORRY! Hehe... Just Kidding...

Well, I was 50% Kidding, and 50% Not Kidding. Because, there really are tickets, and they are almost sold out. And all of you who read the blog are invited! After the show you will get a chance to meet the stars of Shake It Up, Zendaya and Bella Thorne. But a new change to the tickets, I will post the names, and there are TONS of Anonymous users who comment. I will have your names below, if your name says 'V.I.P. Ticket' that means you will get to have dinner with Zendaya and Bella and you will get to dance on stage with them during the song. So if I put Anonymous, that means ALL of the Anonymous commenters. Hmm... In fact, everyone who comments gets a V.I.P. Ticket!

Plus after we have dinner Zendaya and Bella will choose 5 lucky Jammers to be guest stars in a new Shake It Up: Animal Jam Special.

Go on a low server, the server will be Cascade. To get a closer view f Zendaya and Bella, meet in Jamaa Township at 1:30 PM and you wil get a chance to chat and hang out with Zendaya and Bella. You could even get an autograph from Zendaya and Bella of their character names 'Rocky' and 'CeCe', or 'Zendaya' or 'Bella Thorne'. Your choice of the names.

Look for Rocky (Wearing black on top, white on bottom, blue skirt, black glove) and CeCe (Wearing ????????).

And when we meet in Jamaa Township, Zendaya and Bella will choose 5 lucky Jammers that will get a night with Zendaya and Bella.

Rocky and CeCe out


Sunday, August 12, 2012

See How Much You've Done!

Search on Google "Animal Jam (name you're known for)" and loads of results will come up with everything that has your Animal Jam name on it!

You can see what you've done in the past and see who's talking about you! I've searched my name up and got 4,580 results!

You should do it too and see what comes up!