Monday, April 30, 2012

Rare Item Monday!

This was the message I got in Coral Canyons, reminding me to get my Rare Pigtails!

These are the Rare Pigtails. They are members only, (Sorry Non Members!) and are purple! They are for 600 gems.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spooky Party

This is my first time being in the Spooky Party. Let's check it out!

A graveyard next to the entrance.

The front room.

A room where you can become almost transparent.

The Furniture shop. A Ghost Window, a Floating Candle, a Skull Tombstone, and a Scary Organ.

This is the second room up, with an organ. The music shop is in the corner.

Spooky Old Bones Music is back!

Another room. In the corner, two people are doing a glitch.

The Clothes shop.

Where to buy a pet bat.

This is the last room.

Hope you guys enjoy the Spooky Party!

New Compass!

This is the new Compass in Sunken Treasures. AJ has not been loading for me. What about you?

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Journey Book Page!

The new Journey Book page is Appondale! 

Here is all the things found.

This is the prize? Cool isn't it?

This is it, inside a den.

Hope you enjoy it!

Best Dressed.... UNDERWATER!

This is the NEW Best Dressed for underwater creatures. Let's go in!

Here is what the screen says.

This is when you are playing.

How do you like this "new" game jammers?


Ssssnakes is the new game in Jamaa. You can play with your snake in Coral Canyons.

This is where it is. All pet games now have the green game button, and a green paw above!

You move around your snake to eat mice, and try to avoid your tail that grows longer with each mouse.

Pretty simple, eh?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Rare in Epic Wonders!

This is the new Diamond Phantom! Cool isn't it? It's 7500 gems, and for members only like all of the other Epic Wonder items. Should they have non-member items too? What do you think?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New item... Train Set!

This is the new item in Jam Mart Furniture! It's animated, so the train goes round and round! Members only, sorry. But only for 250!

Old shop, new store?

Seen this before? Ever wondered what it is? I think it used to be an old shop, was it? Maybe AJ could bring it back! Have those old plates and cups and stuff! What do you think?

Monday, April 23, 2012

My New Animal!

Welcome another animal to the rosieknows1 family, Little ShyViolet!

Cutie isn't she? I like how the hats are over sized on koalas. Not many people have koalas nowadays. Most people have wolves that they use the most. Bring back the koalas! When the monkeys went, I was surprised they did not endanger the koalas.

Rare Item Monday is FUNKAH!

This is the new Rare Spiked Hair for Rare Item Monday! (RIM for now on) RIM has been featuring some old items in new colors! Would you like retired item, new items, or old new colored items for RIMs?

The Wait is OVER!

I know many of you are disappointed in us. We have not been posting or putting up pictures! I promise I will blog more! Author requests are still being taken.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

6 New Pet Items!

6 new doggy items for your dog!

Dog Bone

Dog Bowl

Necessary items for your dog!
 It would be super cool if your dogs could use them.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Den Currently

Right now my den is a shop I have some of my stuff on sale! Mostly because all my frunituare spots are full! Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Loads Of Updates!

Hey Jammers! I logged on and saw this server glitch!

Is this happening to you? I hope Animal Jam fixes this glitch! It's weird, you only choose two servers! Do you like this?

New newspaper today! On the cover it says limited edition bunnies are in Jamaa, get them soon or they'll disappear! You can buy them in Jamaa Township, Sarepia Forest and Coral Canyons. 


Here is what the adorable bunny looks like:

Next page features the first Ocean Party and the newest Ducky Dash game.
Play Ducky Dash at Jamaa Township, Coral Canyons and Crystal Sands.

AJHQ wants you to design the next, best den item! Due date is 19th April.
You get a free cocoa machine if you buy membership this month.

New Pet Den Items are available in Claws N' Paws.
Dr Thys has new cool tools and videos to show you at the Tierney's Aquarium.

Monkeys are officially endangered. How sad! Click on the Endangerment banners or visit the Animal Jam blog to learn about the endangered animals and how to help!

Earth Day Banners are shown around Jamaa! We need to save the world!


Mira Says and the Recycling game are giving out x2 and x3 gems for a limited time!


New adorable bunny postcard. They bunnies are so cute together! Aww!

Writing desk in Jamaa Furniture. It looks awesome, don't you think? Nice to work on.

The globe looks different now! It orginally looked like a normal globe with a long green handle.

New Monkey Hat in Jam Mart Clothing

New Accessories in the Atlantic Party Shop! These are great rares.

Newest Ocean Party updates soon!