Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Members being mean

This is how it started. These people wanted me out of their den because I am not member.

Now this is what happened.

Someone is trying to stick up for me. Yay them!

This is them saying how much they reported me.

And here are the people's tags.

The guy that tried to stick up for me.

The very mean guy.

The den owner.

Please report all of these people. They are bullies.


  1. Huh. :l I know the person who was trying to stick up for you.

  2. I have been kept outta clans before! and Girl collages!


  3. its okat AJ girl. i reported all of them and told them how bad they acted to you. even though i am a member, i am still treating not members like members. i hope you carried on with your life. thanks! -Dudespie

  4. I'm a member and I always stick up for non-members.
    I have never been mean to anyone on Animal Jam for being a nonmember,
    and I never will-sparky1025

  5. all teh pics are ! in triangles :(

    -scarywolf66859 (look at meh mushroom den plz u don hav to though)