Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Door Glitch

This is the door glitch. At Temple of Zios. Here is what you do. Do the glitch thing to get on top of the roofs. Then get close to the door. Not too close. Then switch animals and while switching, press the doorway. Presto! You are on the door. This is who taught me it,

Member again

Yes I am a member again. Me rosieknows1 a member.

Members being mean

This is how it started. These people wanted me out of their den because I am not member.

Now this is what happened.

Someone is trying to stick up for me. Yay them!

This is them saying how much they reported me.

And here are the people's tags.

The guy that tried to stick up for me.

The very mean guy.

The den owner.

Please report all of these people. They are bullies.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not members Mailbox

I recently sent a email to AJ because a Lava Glove was in my mailbox. They sent me a email back saying, Sorry we are not getting your glove! You need to pay us money! Exactly that. ANIMAL JAM JUST GET THE GLOVE OUT OF THE MAILBOX FOR FREE! Seriously AJ is scamming young kids. I am thinking of making a ALL AGAINIST ANIMAL JAM blog. Sheesh people MARRY on that thing. IT IS NOT A SAFE ENVIORMENT!

New Flags

These are the two new flags.  Sorry I cannot elaborate!


This is the new LEAP YEAR PARTY!!!!

These are some rares on sale! A worn is there too!!!

This is the second page of the rares. All member items though.

This is me with the entrance bubble thing that will tell you about The Leap Year.

The first room in the Leap Year Party tree house.

Room two of the tree house. Sorry it is so bad. The shop is up in the corner.

Sorry I have no more pics! I cannot get any more because the party is closed!


Leap Year Party Rares

There are some rares in the Leap Year party but now will they still be rares. The worn blanket, will it still be rare? It might not be rare anymore because you could buy it now. The lion fin, was it ever rare?

What with the views?

What with all the views going down? Come on people bookmark me! Favorite me! Visit me every day! I post new and exciting things every day!!! Don't miss out on the blog!! Bookmark!! Favorite!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rare Item Monday

This Monday's rare is....


Not really that exciting but it completes the Lionfish Armor set. It is members only. AJ, please make all the Monday rares not member. I think that is fair. I have waited for Rare Monday the whole week and something I cannot get. But for members they are on the top of the world. Good for you members! You get the Lionfish Armor!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Den? Or Old forgotten den?

These are some pictures I took of this den I have never seen. I hope you comment on what it is and help me find out about it!

The front door of the den.

Sorry about the text! This is the room after the door.

Dead plants. Very 1890's.

These are the pictures in the den. Pretty old huh?

Me up the staircase.

In a room.

Me and my friends.

Last pic. This is up the other staircase.

Please comment and help me find out how someone can get this den!

Blogging on the go

I have now put Blogger on my mobile device. So now I can blog more!

Full Info on Headdresses

Cost: 200 gems
Sell: 60 gems
Rare: Yes
Available: November 2010 - Winter 2011, November 2011
Where: Jam Mart Clothing
Members: Yes
Colors: 8
 November - Winter 2010

November 2011

Which one do you like/want? Credit

Penguin Topiary now available

This Penguin Topiary is now at Appondale along with the other topiaries. I think it would be nice for a garden. What do you think? How do you use it?

Penguin Banner now available

This is the new penguin banner that is available. It is not member which I am happy for. More things need to be not member. 

Giant Penguin Plushie now available

This is the Giant Penguin Plushie that is now available in Appondale. There are also some more penguin realated items in Animal Jam. Does anyone kno how you get Penguin Plushies?

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I am putting up  photos to go with my posts now. I am sorry that before there were no pictures.

I post a lot

Compared to all the other blog writers I feel like I post a lot. But I do not want to become addicted to blogging like this other guy I saw. Really it is sad if you get addicited to AJ or Blogger. I am trying to not get addicted to AJ and try to blog more. I only want to blog more because it is writing. I am trying to write a lot. So I might make other blogs. Not about AJ. I may take a break from AJ. But I will still post. I will still try to post. Any new blog ideas? NOT ABOUT AJ!

I emailed AJ

I emailed AJ about the whole Mem or Not Mem thing. And I added in a couple of things about how it was not safe for people to date. They emailed me back saying 'Sorry you are not a member!' I was not angry I was not a mem. I was angry mems were being mean. I am ok not being a member. I just do not want people to be mean. I emailed them back saying how I was not angry. And how AJ was not that safe. (people can date) And how they should put a couple words off of the dictionary chat.

Members being mean

A lot of members be mean to not mems. I mean we are the same people! Not mems just cannot buy the stuff mems can. But saying this stuff members, is very mean. I do not know if I do want to be a member again. And not mems that want to be adopted, please do not say only mems.

Not long a member

I liked being a member but I only payed for the month. I am going to pay again (and get some photos up here) but my account needs to be sorted out. The thing has all this techincal stuff with it. I am trying to become a member again. But remember MEMBERS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE MEAN, MEMBERS!!

Why Am I Always in a Scammer's Den?

That is because I like to find out which jammers are scammers. And if I do not go to their dens I will not find out if they are Scammers or not. Like my post "I think I am in a Scammer's Den' that guy was not a scammer. He just heard a rumor. So if you block and report someone just from what they are saying you might have just reported someone who heard a rumor. If you heard a rumor like that would you like to get reported for it? I don't think so. So please do not get scammed but go to their den and hide to see if they are a scammer. Or you could have just reported a really good person.

Plushie Claw: UNVEILED!!!

I think I finally figured out what the plushie claw system is. If you recycle a plushie you get 15 gems right? Well I played three times and said "If I do not get one on this try I am going to stop because I would be wasting money.". But on the third try I GOT A PLUSHIE!! Try the plushie claw three times.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Meanest Jammer

The meanest bad jammer is Whitewolf03. Please report him for words.

Once again in a Scammers Den

Ducky7509 is a scammer. I am putting her on the scammer list. She did the Lion Code Scam. Why you people scam? Really Ducky? I am making meanest jammer page.


Yes everyone now we have a HUNDRED PAGEVIEWS!!!! There will be a party at rosieknows1's den. That is me. So friend me because I accept all friend requests!! PARTY!!!!