Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is my little avatar Flora trying to break the Ice on Mt. Shiveer with my friends (kind of I just saw them)! If yiu look they have not friended me.
Many have thought of the ice to be unbreakable BUT that is a LIE! It is true YOU CAN BREAK THE ICE! Yep (thats me nodding) also the bridge is the same! They both break and give you a gift. Beware some people may think you get a membership and they could be scammers! So watch out for them because they may also want your stuff.
AJ Truth!


  1. Hi! I always fail on doing the ice! These scammers.. You don't get membership

  2. ... Once, children game. I. Broke. The. Ice. I did it. But I wasn't using a seal. I was using a koala. When I had broken the ice, my animal drowned. All the notes of the sea's music was all creepy instead of children-like-music to enjoy. I knew my animal was drowning because I heard suffocating. My animal tried all it could, by its self, to escape, but it was no use. Soon after that, "YOU BROKE THE ICE" Then, "THERE WAS A SIGN NOT TO" Then, "YOU WANTED FREEE MEMBERSHIP" Then, "HERE IS YOU REAWRD". Then a phantom, our enemy, had greed, just as I for membership, and got me deeper as a died. So your right. They are scammers. They probably want you to die. This is no glitch. Stay away from animal jam, don't give up the feeling you think this is real.

  3. Please reply. Tell me if you had the same problem, or what you have to say for my issue.

  4. That can't be real..... Why would that be on a childrens game?! I play Animal Jam and now i sorta regret ever hopping on the ice.... but i dont really think thats true...