Friday, March 30, 2012

Our other Author's Post

You want profits from trading, right? Earlier on I saw this fellow jammer with a sled I thought I could profit on. I quickly chose a worn blanket to trade for this sled. I thought this was a good trade because a, worn blankets were from the Lucky Party that happened a short time ago and b, I had two of them, I didn't need an extra one and I didn't think they were worth much. Anyway, I needed to choose something, right? So I traded my worn blanket for the sled. Whaddya know? She/he accepted my trade! My mind was going, “Hooray!” :) I got a rare item! Then I happened to come across the furniture shop in Jamaa and peered at the latest furniture. You know what I saw? The sled I just traded for! Oh no! I was ripped off hugely. Now, everytime I trade, I check all the stores first, to see if they sell the same, common items in jammers' trades.

(P.S. This was written by our former author who was added to the site. She has stopped working for the blog. But please still give credit to her.

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  1. good Idea i'm going to do that