Saturday, March 3, 2012

Did you see what Fuzzy ShyIvy said?

If you go down to the comments section of my post New Epic Wonders Item, you will see a very rude comment by Fuzzy ShyIvy I published. Fuzzy was a very dignifies blog writer that I asked to friend. That's a reasonable request right? Blog writers friending fellow blog writers on AJ? That's what blog writers do. But apparently Fuzzy is just a mean player. He will not accept my friend request. I don't recommed reading his blog.


  1. I read his blog, hmm i don't like Fuzzy for being mean! I still trust MoonWolfa, Wolftown56 , and Suppergirl26! P.S I am not mean to Jammers, but i try my best to respect them and be kind! Also I will never go on his blog again!

  2. Umm hello again.

    I read her comment, and that wasn't mean at all, in my opinion.

    I think you should understand that she gets too many buddy requests, and she can't just add Jammers! It isn't rude that she doesn't accept your buddy request.

    Jammers have Grammed me and said "Please be my buddy" and when I see them and they ask it, I say "I'm sorry, but I can't just buddy Jammers if I don't know them"
    And they understand!

    I just think you shouldn't really be feeling this way about her, because she didn't say anything rude or mean!

    Now after reading this, go ahead and ban me from the blog. It's okay with me if you ever do.

    1. Yes i am AGREE with you.

      @The Writer.

      You shouldn't ban peoples from the group only because the people is being mean to you, however probably you are wrong to her.

      That is her privacy to add special peoples. Think if she have more maximum buddy list, she will add you all! Fuzzy don't accept my buddy request, but i'm understand with her conditions.

      It is hard to understand peoples? Well, i think you all will say no. Just understood with her conditions. I bet you didn't want to be called "Mean people", right? I have read a lot of post on your blog, it's kinda rude. If you keep ban those peoples from your blog, you never success. Always think positive, don't just look the negative ones on people!


  3. that was NOT mean at all! she said it very politely too! she just doesn't want all those buddy requests, i think lots of buddy requests would annoy me too! how in the world is that considered rude? fuzzy was not rude or mean! by the way im Gylfie101 i wish i had my own animal jam blog so watch and see i might get one :P don't take what fuzzy said so harshly.

  4. Hmm you know fuzzy is a girl right?! She have a bro tho so ya
    One more thing is I met sheesh4 and when I met her I sent her a request thing and she said "sorry I have too much buddies!" So I said I under stand because once I have too many buddies and can't friend somebody so ya...!

    Oh by the way this is E09378 I have 94 buddies right now!

  5. fuzzy shyivy is a girl btw

  6. I just read Fuzzy ShyIvys comment & it wasn't mean at all! You should not ban her from this blog/ I asked someone to be their buddy in a card and they said they don't buddy ppl they don't know and they don't want to delete a buddy! I understood! You should understand that, too! This blog is OK but that comment from Fuzzy was not mean AT ALL! You should learn to understand people if they tell you they can't be your buddy! This Blog Needs Better Stuff & Better Layout because you are just blabbing on about people that said rude comments when their not rude AT ALL! You need different updates for this blog! I should really stop visiting this blog now that I saw this! Oh & yeah. Your a proffisiant admin. Right! You don't sound like an admin! Your actually breaking your own blog rules because you where being mean to Fuzzy ShyIvy when SHE did NOT do ANYTHING wrong!

  7. Hey Tigerstar1128 here!
    Fuzzy Shy Ivy Did NOt Accept my friend request ever plus if u read All of not against her she's probably really busy.

  8. Hey bitch- guess what? The comment wasn't even mean. So stop trying to make Fuzzy look bad in front of everyone so that your blog (which is absolutely hideous by the way) might stand a chance in the Animal Jam blogosphere. Because it won't. No one wants to read horribly constructed articles about how a person who's practically a celebrity didn't accept your request. Boo hoo. You're probably, what, eight? Nine at the most? Get over yourself.

    By the way, you'd think that if one was going to write an article criticizing someone else, he or she would at least take the time to GET THE PERSON'S GENDER RIGHT! Fuzzy is a FEMALE.

    Seriously-- the world is already plagued by stupidity enough. Having your inflated ego only makes it worse. Sorry to crash your party, but if I don't speak, who's going to tell you?

    Happy Jamming honey!