Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bridge VERSUS Ice!

Would you rather break the bridge or the ice? Below are pictures of the birdge and the ice, which were taken at the same time.

This is the bridge with ONLY me there jumping. No one else is there! Only I am jumping!

A quick costume change later!

SHOCKER!!! No one is jumping in BOTH places! Lets take a vote. Would you rather break the bridge or the ice?


  1. I would want to break the bridge. idk why... But, Ya. Oh, and I found ur blog from LoveLost's Blog. I saw that You posted ur blog. So I thought I would check it out. I like ur blog. Its cool. If you wanna check out me and my Best friends blog its (cottoncandy732.blogspot.com) Well.. Ya. Nice blog! Bye!

    1. I saw it on LoveLost's blog too. Isnt THIS blog awesome too? Plz friend me!!! I'm tatiletz. I used to be a blogger...


  2. I'd rather be on the ice because you know most of the Jamaa animals can swim, and if I broke the bridge we'd all fall with a big injury.