Monday, March 5, 2012

Banning Fuzzy ShyIvy

Fuzzy ShyIvy used up her last chance. Fuzzy was rude and mean. To see her comment you can check New Epic Wonder Item. I chose to post his really rude comment to show people how mean she is. I do not know if Fuzzy wanted to keep his comment private or published. Right now I do not really care is Fuzzy would've liked it private. If he did want to keep it private he should've told me in his comment. That is the rudest I have ever seen a jammer be. And I have the Members being Mean post. That was very mean. This was meaner and I will not stand for it. On AJ I reported cinnamon cake which I think you should too.


  1. I DON'T want to being rude and mean.
    But this is a blog, why telling another peoples' mean attitude? This blog only for Animal Jam Guides and if you want to be 'popular' like Fuzzy ShyIvy please don't like that. People will misunderstanding about Fuzzy Shyivy.

  2. No offense, but I think you should keep this conversation between you and Fuzzy Shyivy, whether she was mean or not. I agree with Azhura, this is a blog. You should be sharing new info and tips about AJ, not posting about rude jammers. Plus, don't share usernames or anything that you would think would be counted as "personal" because that would be in someone else's privacy.

  3. To be honest, a lot of people dressed up as Fuzzy in 2011. But now? I'm not sure, because Fuzzy isn't really as popular as last time. But... It may be just a fan of Fuzzy and dressing up as her, you know. And I really don't want to be MEAN, but this is a bit disrespectful. Would you like someone to yell this out to you when your a popular Jammer? No. Would you want people to read this and realize/think you are really just a mean and rude person? No. So think about Fuzzy's side of the story, if it was even the real Fuzzy.

  4. You can imagine that I'm not actually Fuzzy. Yet the comment says I am.


    I would bet money that the person who posted that comment was not Fuzzy. It might have even been you, trying to shame her and make yourself look like an alternative blog to read.

  5. Hey, I'm thinking this isn't a real blog. I'm the owner of Gamer Girl, and i only post the truth. But is it really OK to post other peoples own buissness? no. Fuzzy is nice, but were not trying to be mean telling you thaT