Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Authors to take over Blog


I have some very sad news for you. I am quitting this blog. I will no longer post. I will make Enchanted SnowyRose an admin for the blog, so she can handle it. I want some new authors for the blog, so they can help Enchanted. Remember the form I posted for it? I will repost it here so you can fill it out.

1. What is your name (First only please)?
2. What is your age range, categories are 1-5, 6-8 ,9-12 ,13-15 ,16-18, 19-above (I don't ask for real age because of safety)?
4. What is your gender?
5. Do you have writing/blogging experience or a history with Blogspot (Please use links or explain. Links would be better)
6. How often do you play AJ?
7. What would you like to blog about on this blog (Use number from list below please. If the job you want is not on there please explain what you want to do.)

Enter your e-mail here so I (Enchanted Snowyrose) can send you your author form:
That's the form. Please fill it out in a comment below. I will email you if you are accepted. I will also email you if you are rejected.  

I will continue to play AJ, so send your friend requests to rosieknows1. If I do not accept, that means I do not know who you are. I hope the new authors do great with the blog.

We have limited space for authors! Get your forms in quick!

This is Flora ArticPaw saying Good-Bye for the last time.


  1. hi i was wondering if i could become an auther i am thinking of starting my own blog and would love to have some expirence but any ways here are my ansewrs 1,isabella 2,9 to 12 3, 4,girl 5,sorry no blog yet but i have red plenty of blogs 6,every day (exept for when i go on trips sylvan lake ect.) 7,sorry i cannot see the list but i would love to blog on here (i have some great stories on shamans and jama culter) please acept i know i dont sound like much of a bloger but i love blogs so plz acept i really want to be part of this blog i is my fav and i would hate for it to close because of lak of authors i would be devastated if i did not make it bella3589

  2. Hi I am Sarah, I'm 11 years old and my email is I'm a girl. I go to Middle School and I used to have a blog but it said I have to pay for it so I just quit. But I am back! :D I play animal jam everyday, never miss a day EVER. I would like to help jammers with how to find stuff, when stuff will come out like your ife saving headdress post. :3 Add me on animal jam, I am bordom10bc! My skype is Cat if you need it.

  3. Hi, im Sam
    my age is 10
    my e-mail is..... i cant post it :-/
    my gender is (girl)
    i go on AJ everyday
    I am part of a blog, (not Blogspot)
    I have good experience with blogging
    I love this blog and visit everyday (well, almost im on vacation)
    I have a great deal of knowledge with animal jam.


    1. You sound like an amazing author. I will need your e-mail (any) so I can send you your author form. You can enter you e-mail in the form in the post.

  4. 1. Gavin
    2. 9-12.
    4. Male.
    5. Yes, I do. I have a You Tube account and I update it often and I used to have Squidoo account and that was pretty good.
    6. Everyday.
    7. Well, there is two. First, a job that talks about the Top Three Epic Dens, and second, New Items and New Animals.

  5. BunnyBirthdayBash101January 23, 2013 at 5:58 PM

    Name: (Personal Info)
    Age: 9-11
    Gender: Female
    Blog: I have my own blog it's: It's an AJ blog/
    Playing AJ: Almost Everyday, Depending on School Homework/
    Talking about ... on this blog: I'd talk about New Partyz & Other Stuff!

    I hope I get the job! P.S. This is my moms email because I don't have one.

  6. BunnyBirthdayBash101January 23, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    I hope this contest is still going on in 2013 right now!