Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blog to go down.. UNLESS

It is true. The blog will be deleted. No one has responded to the author forms. Now I am taking any request to be an author. Just say you would like to be an author and add your email so I can send you a request. I will turn Enchanted Snowy Rose in to an admin. Anyone may be an author. If I do not get an author request comment by the end of the week, the blog will be deleted. I will not post the author request comments.


  1. how do you delete a blog ... cause I dont know how

  2. Hi murphy kaphing.

    To delete you blog go to your blog "Overview" - "Settings" - "Other" (at the bottom of "Settings"). Once the page loads at the top it says "Blog tools". Beside blog tools there is the button 'Delete blog'.

  3. I want to be an author