Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spooky Party

This is my first time being in the Spooky Party. Let's check it out!

A graveyard next to the entrance.

The front room.

A room where you can become almost transparent.

The Furniture shop. A Ghost Window, a Floating Candle, a Skull Tombstone, and a Scary Organ.

This is the second room up, with an organ. The music shop is in the corner.

Spooky Old Bones Music is back!

Another room. In the corner, two people are doing a glitch.

The Clothes shop.

Where to buy a pet bat.

This is the last room.

Hope you guys enjoy the Spooky Party!


  1. do you know what day the party comes out?

  2. none of the pictures showed up, and somebody offered a scary organ for my cat banner, is that a fair trade?