Thursday, April 12, 2012

Loads Of Updates!

Hey Jammers! I logged on and saw this server glitch!

Is this happening to you? I hope Animal Jam fixes this glitch! It's weird, you only choose two servers! Do you like this?

New newspaper today! On the cover it says limited edition bunnies are in Jamaa, get them soon or they'll disappear! You can buy them in Jamaa Township, Sarepia Forest and Coral Canyons. 


Here is what the adorable bunny looks like:

Next page features the first Ocean Party and the newest Ducky Dash game.
Play Ducky Dash at Jamaa Township, Coral Canyons and Crystal Sands.

AJHQ wants you to design the next, best den item! Due date is 19th April.
You get a free cocoa machine if you buy membership this month.

New Pet Den Items are available in Claws N' Paws.
Dr Thys has new cool tools and videos to show you at the Tierney's Aquarium.

Monkeys are officially endangered. How sad! Click on the Endangerment banners or visit the Animal Jam blog to learn about the endangered animals and how to help!

Earth Day Banners are shown around Jamaa! We need to save the world!


Mira Says and the Recycling game are giving out x2 and x3 gems for a limited time!


New adorable bunny postcard. They bunnies are so cute together! Aww!

Writing desk in Jamaa Furniture. It looks awesome, don't you think? Nice to work on.

The globe looks different now! It orginally looked like a normal globe with a long green handle.

New Monkey Hat in Jam Mart Clothing

New Accessories in the Atlantic Party Shop! These are great rares.

Newest Ocean Party updates soon!

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  1. why does every thing almost have to be member!!