Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I asked Animal Jam Support if there were a limit on Jam-A-Grams and why they were called Jam-A-Grams if any of you guys are wondering, here's their reply:

Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Support Headquarters!
We haven't heard of anyone reaching the Jam-a-gram limit just yet! Maybe you'll be the first! Jam-a-grams are called this because Jam stands for Jamaa or Jammer or even just simply Jamtastic and gram is short for telegram. Combine them and you get Jam-a-gram!
We hope that you have found this helpful and look forward to hearing from you again if you need further assistance!
All the best and play wild!
Animal Jam HQ


  1. i have reached the jamagram limit

    1. The day I messaged them was a day where I had 202 Jam-A-Grams and that was weird.

      I think they changed so the limit is now 200 again :(

  2. I was sending my storage account a few items and after about maybe 5 Jam-a-Grams it wouldn't allow me to send anymore.

    1. Yeah I get that alot. It probably stops people from taking someones stuff.

      You can make another storage account so you can send 5 more items.