Friday, June 22, 2012

Important Notice for Authors Pending

Hi everyone!

Due to the large amount of people trying to be an author... I will hold a lottery for who gets to be an author! There will be two more authors. There will be four people in all that post! So if you become an author, you must post about A LOT of things! Like the new Crystal Sands Journey Book, or cover the new news articles! Write about a glitch you saw or anything else!

Other people that do not win the lottery:

You can always send in screenshots and posts that you have written to . They may get in the blog! I will always give the person that wrote it credit, so leave your name too in the email.

I'm really happy that all of you want to become authors! I will post the people that will become authors soon.

Can't wait to see you guys blog!

EDIT: If you did not become an author in the lottery, email me with a sample of your work like a link or fake blog post. Thanks Jammers!


  1. Dear AJ Girl,

    I receied a blog invitation and i clicked the link, but it says im nota n author. Can you send me another one? i really am gettign worried

    1. Lehelter,

      I will send you snother, but I need your email! Comment it, but I won't publish it. K?